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The growing success of Prosecco brought us to think about a new concept to offer to the wine producers, which could best support this extraordinary wine: Prosecco Glass.

Every year, in Italy and around the World, billions of Prosecco wine bottles are commercialized; this factor bring us, first of all, to compete with our competitors, but even with different cultures: elements making competition more difficult. Every wine producer knows how difficult are the efforts to produce a great wine.

The idea to create a bottle in perfect synergy with a so precious wine is the result, moreover, of an accurate market study in order to assure the final result be perfectly in line with given standards and able to satisfy precise needs, but able at the same time to offer its own identity, mild in its shapes.

Prosecco Glass is a really versatile, adaptable bottle, the perfect mean for prosecco by being able to strengthen the identity, offering further warranty of origin and authenticity.


The will to create a bottle able to be a communicational mean, drove us towards simple and linear shapes, characterized by regular surfaces with an elegant and versatile neck. Prosecco Glass is compatible with the majority of bottling systems, finishing and labelling.
The neck shape allows to utilize all methods of cork cap, from mushroom-shaped bottle cap to crown cap, ending with cork cap; the regular shapes of its sides make simple the labelling process, without forcing to use particular measures or non-standard shapes. Prosecco Glass makes it possible to differentiate product lines by maintaining recognizability and offering compatible shapes with quality production.