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The mentioned way of working the glass makes it possible to create an infinite numbers of motives, which at the same time combine together precision and aesthetical exaltation of the object, aiming at perfection for the detail.

Champagne glass, glass, bottles and every glass shapes can be underwent by this type of unique glass personalization.


The term “silk-screen printing” comes from the latin “seri” (silk) and greek “gràphein” (writing), because the first tissues used in this process were made of silk.

Nowadays this technique can be used even on glass, giving origin to the possibility of obtaining glass articles characterized by the most different personalizations.



This technique, known also with the term Pad Printing is a printing method allowing to imprint on glass whatever type of aesthetical personalization, as for example: writings, drawings, logos and ornaments, with the possibility to customize even concave surfaces or irregular shapes. The final result will be a three-dimensional or two-dimensional effect.


Glass sandblasting consists of undergoing the material to the sand scraping action projected to the surface by a mean of compressed air. Once the glass is submitted to said process the final result give rise to a really decorative power acquired by this noble material, allowing the sandblasting to create not only functional pieces, rather unique and innovative design articles.



Undisputed brightness. Thanks to this process the object acquires a luxury shade, aspiring to become a design element.

Our aim is to supply to our clients an article able to exaltate a winning binomial, meaning functionality and beauty.

To assure You the best possible result, we strive to follow the ever changing technology in order to make our “modus operandi” synonym of quality and reliability.


The art of cutting the glass may seem easy to accomplish, but given the fragility of the material said process has not to be underestimated. For this reason we make available to Our Clients human resources with several years experience in the sector and ultimate generation technology to allow perfection be always the final result.


Our company is specialized also stoppers assembly of whichever shapes, dimension and material.

The different typology of head can be followed by a diverse range of closures made of natural corks, synthetic and plastic seal. By combining those as desired, You have the possibility to satisfy every kind of needs.